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Have a look at our list of commonly asked questions. Do you have a question you need answering? Make sure you contact Julie today


Q. I have been told 18ct white gold will turn yellow after a few months.

Answer. There are 2 types of 18ct white gold. I use the one that is high in Palladium it is white all the way through and does not need rhodium plating . Other 18ct white gold with different alloys is slightly yellowy and needs to be rhodium plated. This will wear off after a few months and needs to be rhodium plated again.


Q. Can different carat gold be melted together?

A. Yes any carat gold can be melted together but the end hallmarked grade cannot be guaranteed. Platinum and Palladium are difficult to successfully melt down as there can be no contamination with solder or other metals. 22ct yellow gold wedding rings can be melted with Palladium to make white gold.


Q. Do you have any precious stones available for me to buy.

A. I have an extensive range of precious stones and diamonds to view but can always get the stone you want in any shape and size from my stone and diamond dealer in London. These can be ready to view within a few days depending on the availability of the stones.


Q. I want to buy a diamond but don’t know much about the quality of the stones can you help?

A. I can show you a variety of diamonds in different qualities and colours, you need to know what you are buying so it is vital that you are aware of the 4 C’s because the price can vary so much with the same size stone. I can make you aware of the characteristics of the diamonds and the reason they vary in price so much. It is essential that you actually see the stone you want as every diamond is different!


Q. Can you make a new piece of jewellery from my inherited jewellery that I would never wear?

A. Jewellery is highly sentimental and valuable to the owner. I understand your  attachment to the jewellery you have inherited and it is very important that I use the metal and stones so you have the content of the item mixed with your preference of design I can interpret to create something you can always wear with a connection to your past. I can find out the types of shapes and designs you like and then design and make the piece of jewellery that will suit you.


Q. Are opals and emeralds unlucky?

A. I think the reason these stones are seen as unlucky is because :-
Opals are often set in the wrong type of jewellery, for instance a triplet or doublet opal should not be set into a ring, they would be much safer in a pair of earrings or a pendant. Because these stones by their nature are so thin they will not stand up to the stresses of wear a ring will have. They will easily break and therefore fall out of their settings. Black opals and boulder opals are much thicker and will withstand being in a ring but are still vulnerable to hard wear.

Emeralds are very hard but can be brittle so again can break and fall out of settings. Care should be made when wearing a large emerald. Also a good Emerald can cost more than a diamond.


Q. Can I see my jewellery being made into another piece of jewellery.

A. I can take photos of your jewellery being made so you can see the processes involved. However I have to make a charge for this. Please enquire before you proceed. Prices from £50 to £100.


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Thank you very much for all your help and professional advice throughout. The ring has turned out better than I imagined absolutely perfect in every way!!

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