Have your own unwanted jewellery re-modelled into a new design using your own stones and gold/platinum. A piece of jewellery unique to you will be designed and made with your input on design and our specialist service creating a one off item. All jewellery is hand-made on the premises in a fully buy avana online india equipped workshop.

Prices start from £400 for remodelling.

Each design is unique to you so I cannot give prices without seeing you for a consultation. Prices cannot be given from an email enquiry only.

All the jewellery below has been made from customers’ metal or stones.

The rings below have been melted down and made into the ring on the right using the 8 diamonds in the rings.

The ring on the right was made from the customers own gold and 3 diamonds.  18ct white gold had to be added to make the ring as there was not enough gold to make the whole ring from the original gold.